Weddings and Events

Giving wedding massages are a favorite of ours because it’s so satisfying to watch how they change the vibe of a wedding. Bride and groom, or even the entire wedding party relax and have more fun. We encourage you to make Massages by Elizabeth part of your special event.

  1. What Are the Main Benefits of Having a Massage?

    All massages are designed to relax your mind and body to increase blood flow. This means less pain, more flexibility, and a sense of well-being.

  2. Will You Come to Where I Am?

    Yes, we will come to where you are. Homes, vacation rentals, hotel rooms, etc.

  3. How Should I Prepare for a Massage?

    Just clear a space for our massage table, or take the massage outside. Wear something comfortable. Don't worry about a thing! Our masseuse will instruct you.

  4. Can I Get a Massage if I Don't Speak Spanish?

    All of our masseuses speak at least enough English to get by. Don't worry!