What is Tamarindo, Costa Rica Like?

Tamarindo Massages for Lymphatic Drainage Massages
Lymphatic Drainage Massages in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Massages by Elizabeth improve your Tamarindo vacation by helping you relax and enjoy activities pain-free. Getting a massage is the perfect mental and physical activity to make every aspect of your vacation better.

To get the most from your vacation, it’s a good idea to make an appointment before you leave for Tamarindo or soon after your arrival.

What is Tamarindo, Costa Rica Like?

Tamarindo began as a small fishing village on the northwest coast of Costa Rica in the hot, dry province of Guanacaste. However, after a famous “surfing destination” movie called “Endless Summer II” exposed it, surfer tourism boomed!

While it’s still known as an international surfing destination, lately, many retirees, especially ex-surfers, from around the world have moved here.

Nevertheless, Tamarindo remains an extremely casual place, not at all like the classy beaches of Europe, etc. So, put away your long pants and jungle outfits. All that’s required here is sandals, t-shirts, and swim shorts.

Accessible via an international airport in Liberia (LIB), Tamarindo is only a one-hour drive away.

Surfing Destination

Tamarindo has many surfing spots in town and its southern tip called Langosta. There is always a break somewhere, especially on an incoming tide with some swell strength. Get lucky with an off-shore wind and you’re in surfer heaven!

Moreover, Tamarindo is also famous as a “surfing hub” for several others surf spots. Many surfers like to stay in Tamarindo because of its many choices of places to stay, restaurants, tours, etc. And then, take off in the morning to surf spots in other towns.

Mixed Retirement Community

Many retired people still have lots of life left in them. And so, they enjoy a mature community offering an active life. And Tamarindo certainly fits the bill!

Unique to the Tamarindo lifestyle is those haunting coincidences that occur so frequently. Like running into the same people again and again. Or, thinking about something, and then it appears!

Beach Community

Nothing wrong either with wanting to relax and shop. The experience is nothing like back home!

So, change your pace! Recharge your batteries!

On the beach are beach-side restaurants, souvenir shops, and a wide assortment of tourism and community attractions. And, if so inclined, our world-famous surfing and surf lessons.

Visiting interesting surrounding towns

Feel more adventurous? What to see and experience what’s around you?

Tamarindo is not as isolated as you think! There are plenty of other interesting tourist towns and beaches just outside of Tamarindo. Some of them are: Playa Grande, Flamingo, Potrero, Hacienda Pinilla, etc. And, we service all of them.

Also, if you’d like to add my personal touch to your vacation planning, contact me. I can help.

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How a Massage Makes Your Day!

The Zen effects of our massages follow you throughout your day. From early morning walks to surfing at sunset, all your activities are more fun when you’re relaxed and without pain.