Benefits of Massages

How Do Massages by Elizabeth Improve My Tamarindo Vacation?

The seldom talked about details of how a great massage helps you enjoy your vacation and life.

Massages by Elizabeth improve your Tamarindo vacation by helping you relax pain-free. Each and everything you do will feel better, and you’ll sleep better too!

If you want to the most for your vacation, make an appointment before you leave. Or contact us soon after you get to Tamarindo.

Imagine going about your vacation flexible and pain-free!

Getting a massage is the perfect mental and physical activity to make every aspect of your vacation better.

Tell me about Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Tamarindo, Costa Rica, began as a small fishing village on the northwest coast of Costa Rica in the hot, dry province of Guanacaste. And, in the last 30 years, it has become a famous tourist destination.

Typically accessed by a large international airport in Liberia just one hour drive away (FYI, the airport designation is LIB for Liberia International Airport.), Tamarindo is only a one-hour drive.

Surfing Destination

The growth of Tamarindo into an international vacation destination began with the premiere of a cult travel surfing film called “Endless Summer II,” where it was featured in a 15-minute segment.

Since the film, the popularity of Tamarindo among surfers kept growing, and now it’s considering a full-fledged, surfing destination.

Mixed Retirement Community

Many retired people still have lots of life left in them, and they appreciate a town or destination offering both spontaneous neighborhood adventures and planned events. And, Tamarindo fits the bill!

Unique to the Tamarindo lifestyle is the mysterious fact that every time you venture out the unexpected happens!

Beach goers

Nothing wrong either with wanting to relax and shop in a small Costa Rican beach town for a change of pace to recharge your batteries.

On the beach, there are restaurants and attractions, not to mention surfing and surf lessons.

Visiting interesting surrounding towns

Feel more adventurous? What to see and experience what’s around you?

Tamarindo is not as isolated as you think! There are plenty of other interesting tourist towns and beaches just outside of Tamarindo, in case you want to venture out.

Unique to many places you may visit, the Costa Rican towns are built into Tamarindo, and there are plenty of unspoiled towns nearby.

Some of those are Playa Grande, Flamingo, Potrero, Hacienda Pinilla, etc. BTW, we service all of them. Contact us for appointment availability.

Also, if you’d like to add my personal touch to your vacation planning, contact me. I can help.

A good night’s sleep.

Maybe the least discussed benefit of a massage is the most important. It’s how well you “sleep like a baby” after a massage! It’s important because a good night’s sleep keeps your immune system strong, gives mental clarity, and ignites energy levels.

No Matter Where You Go in Tamarindo, or What You Do, a Massage Makes Your Day!

The zen effects of our massages follow you throughout your day. From your early morning walks to surfing the waves of Tamarindo Bay, all your activities are more fun when you’re relaxed and without pain.


  1. What Are the Benefits of a Tamarindo Massage for Surfers?

    While surfing can be a blast! A restricted, painful body limits your fun.

    Because you know that the surf is going to beat you up? Why not set up a massage in advance between your shower and nap time. However, arrange your schedule to accommodate sleeping until the next morning.

  2. How would Massages by Elizabeth help me enjoy a Tamarindo Catamaran Cruise?

    My best example is feeling awkward trying to get up off the deck and swagger over for a drink. After sitting on a hard deck and relying on your back to bend and leg muscles to stretch to stand up can be disappointing and embarrassing.

    Even more, when it comes time to snorkel at a beautiful deserted bay, too many are happy to stay aboard, watch, and relax. Why? Their body and mind aren't ready, while others enjoy the full experience of the cruise.

  3. How does a massage help me enjoy a Tamarindo area canopy tours?

    Streaming over the treetops on a rope is the easy part! For some, there is the awkwardness of physical stiffness while getting in and out of the canopy harness, while pretending it's your second nature.

    More than anything, massages give you confidence in your movements to bend or flex where necessary, plus the energy to book a canopy tour in the first place.