Benefits of Massages

How Do Massages by Elizabeth Improve My Tamarindo Vacation?

The seldom talked about details of how a great massage helps you enjoy your vacation and life.

Tamarindo’s vacation experiences significantly improved with a massage. Let me bring out the details so you’ll know what I mean.

Imagine the improvements to your health and mood as you move with less stress, tightness, and pain during your activities. And so, since you’re here to enjoy yourself why not prepare yourself with a massage.

Tell me about Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Tamarindo, Costa Rica began as a small fishing village on the northwest coast of Costa Rica in the hot, dry province of Guanacaste. And so, in the last some 30 years it has become a semi-famous tourist destination.

It is typically is accessed by a large international airport in Liberia just one hour drive away. The airport designation is LIB for Liberia International Airport.

Growth for our village really took off with the premiere of a cult travel surfing film, called “Endless Summer II” where it was featured in a segment. Since then, surfers, and those looking for a getaway or a retirement destination have turned to Tamarindo as a surfing hub and a place to drop out.

For those who know to search for Tamarindo, Costa Rica, there is lots of information. If you’d like a personal touch to your vacation plans, contact me.

BTW, my husband runs a Best Western Hotel and a Costa Rica travel website.

And there is much more, just outside of Tamarindo are other exceptional places, and since we’re a @home type massage service we will travel to these other nearby towns.

No Matter Where You Go or What You Do a Massage Makes Your Day!

The zen world of Massages by Elizabeth follows you through your day, no matter where you go or what you do in the Tamarindo area. And, Tamarindo has lots of “must” activities to go along with your “must” massage, and caulk them up for both visitors and residents.

And as you go about your day sporting the results of a great massage you’ll just feel better, more relaxed! And so, all your activities and new acquaintances will come to life, as your attitude and the smile on your face lead the way.

Starting with a good night’s sleep.

Maybe the least discussed benefit is the most important! It’s about how you’ll sleep like a baby after a massage!

Whether its a full night’s sleep or just a nap you, a great massage makes it more restful. And so, you get a more rested body and mind which wonders!


  1. What Are the Benefits of a Tamarindo Massage for Surfers?

    While surfing is a blast, having a tight, painful body restricts you. And so, no matter what your skill level arriving at the scene relaxed and loose is a big benefit! [By the way, I also highly recommend yoga classes for better performance of any activity.]

    While your surf instructor may tell you that you turn the board with pressure from your feet, it's your whole body that ends up getting beat up. And so, getting a massage after a surf session is an excellent idea.

    Because you know that the surf is going to beat you up? Why not set up a massage in advance between your shower and nap time. However, arrange your schedule to accommodate sleeping until the next morning.

  2. How would Massages by Elizabeth help me enjoy a Tamarindo Catamaran Cruise?

    My personal favorite example is feeling awkward trying to get up off the deck and get another drink. Awkwardly and painfully standing up and walking on a rolling deck to get another drink can put stress on the body and hurt one's ego.

    Even more, when it comes time to snorkel at a beautiful deserted bay, too many are happy to stay aboard, watch, and relax. Why? Their body and mind aren't ready, while others enjoy the full experience of the cruise.

  3. How does a massage help me enjoy a Tamarindo area canopy tours?

    Streaming over the tree tops on a rope is actually the easy part! There is some hiking, climbing, and the attempt at a gracefully getting in and out of the harness pretending it's your second nature.

    More than anything, massages give you confidence in your movements to bend or flex where necessary, plus the energy to book a canopy tour in the first place.


While I’m having some fun describing the benefits of our massages, I hope you’ll recognize that when you put together my sometimes silly advantages what you have is a changed day. A day when your mood, confidence, and desire to get out and enjoy your vacation goes thru the roof!

Too often people focus on the massage which is wonderful! But, forget what it can do for your day or vacation. I hope I brought this out for you.

Regardless, we hope you enjoy your vacation and hope you’ll contact Elizabeth for a massage appointment