Health Benefits of a Tamarindo Massage

A Tamarindo Massage helps you relax — and it’s also good for your health. And even better a Massages by Elizabeth is tailor-made to help you enjoy your time in Tamarindo, Costa Rica!

Massages by Elizabeth provide health benefits to better explore a Tamarindo, Costa Rica vacation, or face your daily challenges. Best to schedule your massage before you get here or get them scheduled regularly.

Because the health benefits of massages are already well-known, I’ll focus on how they specifically make your life better here in Tamarindo and the surrounding areas. And so, I’ll link out to general information and talk about the benefits of a Tamarindo massage while sticking to local information.

What are the Health Benefits of “Massages by Elizebeth” in Tamarindo?

First, I don’t want to steer to far from the basic sense of relief one feels. For getting you into that state of happiness is our primary purpose. With it, you can live so much better, and accomplish more.

And so, getting a Tamarindo massage improves your state of mind and therefore your health; you might even call each one an investment! Whatever you call it, after Massages by Elizabeth clients all smile!

Whether you just feel tense or tight or have a particular problem, the overriding health benefit of a Tamarindo Massage is a reduction of your tension. At Massages by Elizabeth, we deliver exactly that.

Getting a great massage gives your body and mind a long list of medical health benefits, that help you live longer and feel better. Nothing could benefit you more!

In addition, the benefits of a massage are cumulative. As the appointments become part of your regular schedule, you’re body and mind thank you with a definite feeling of bliss. Imagine living a pain-free life!

And so, with a regularly scheduled massage or a single one, you’re body and mind are set up to effortlessly merge with the laid back vibe which makes Tamarindo famous. It’s a Zen thing!

And so, write down getting a massage on your “must-do” list, and get one soon after you’re arrival. You’ll be glad you did, as you’ll get why so many people love Tamarindo.


  1. Am I Too Old to Get a Massage?

    If you're not too old to feel relaxed or have better blood flow, you're not too old for a massage. Of course, if your doctor says otherwise listen to him/her.

  2. Is a Massage Good for My Injury?

    You or your doctor will know. With your consent, we will work around it. In any case, you'll heal faster when your whole body and mind are relaxed.

  3. What is the typical reason for a Tamarindo Massage?

    The number one reason for a massage is general relaxation. Don't underestimate it because every minute your up and around in a relaxed state helps your general welfare.

What are the Specific Health Benefits of Tamarindo Massages by Activity

  • Surfing – massages help you surf better. No matter if you are a beginner or expert, massages help you surf better. They help you recover faster, sleep better, and move more freely.
  • Boat Cruises – when that opportunity to snorkel comes up, massages give you the confidence and flexibility to get up and grab a face mask. Go ahead and do it! The water is always warm.
  • Canopy Tours – Get on and off your hookup can be unnecessarily difficult. Show everyone your capability and flexibility by getting massages.
  • Cycling ór Mountain Biking – If you’re not getting regular massages after these sports your not paying attention to your body.
  • Walking or Jogging – Sometimes memories are made while simply going for a walk or run on the beach. Believe you’re an active, athletic person, and get massages to rub out overdoing it or pushing your limits.
  • Sitting in the Chair Too Long – Back pain relief for those of us without the get up every 45 minutes and move around.
  • Love and Relationships – a popular option is a double massage with two people. Something you may not do back home. Or would you? The emphasis here is relaxing and mood settings.
  • Misc. Activities – massage therapy for your right arm trying to keep the passenger door closed while hiring one of our inexpensive, but convenient private “pirate” taxis.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica is a beach town for everyone, especially the ocean-going outdoors people and interestingly retired people. And so, the health benefits of a Tamarindo massage vary but are many.

Tell Me More About Tamarindo?

Thinking about visiting Tamarindo? Let me tell you something about our corner of heaven located on the northwest coast of Costa Rica. It’s a much-beloved small town of visitors, especially surfers, retirees, and anyone who just wants to get away into another vibe.

Beyond Tamarindo: Playa Grande, Hacienda Pinilla, Langosta, Flamingo, and Potrero

If you’re located a little outside the Tamarindo area, the same Massages by Elizabeth are available where you are in Langosta, Playa Grande, Hacienda Pinilla, Flamingo, and Potrero. Quite frankly, often our masseuses enjoy leaving Tamarindo from time to time, so please don’t hesitate to contact us (there will be a slight travel charge).

Here is a list of reasons to plan ahead or schedule multiple Massages by Elizabeth:

  • Use a massage as a birthday present before going out to dinner.
  • If you’re returning from a surf session, I don’t think any surfer ever has returned home and gotten a Massage by Elizabeth who didn’t sleep like a baby!
  • Think of the relationship or emotional benefits of telling your spouse or significant other that you’ve already taken care of the massage details!