Tamarindo Wedding Massages

Tamarindo Wedding Massages
Bride and groom enjoying an outdoor, beach massage in the backyard of their luxury rental property in Tamarindo (Langosta).

A Tamarindo wedding massage synchronizes your love for each other into a single vibe. Not just sweet talk, but well-known that relaxation fosters that “loving feeling.”

Tamarindo wedding massages are when both the bride and groom get a massage side by side on separate tables. Often seen holding hands while enjoying sharing a relaxing, sharing experience.

Not to belabor the point, I’m sure you know that massages are meant for relaxation and that good for love. If you want your guests to see clearly why the two of you belong together, then a wedding massage makes your chemistry together clear.

And yes, we do gladly work with your wedding team with smiles!

How Do “Wedding Massages” Improve Your Wedding Photos?

I once asked famous photography why all my photos of myself were terrible, and they were! Expecting a technical explanation from a professional, he told me the magic solution to my photographic woes.

He told me the secret to making my photos great was to relax.

Such a brillant and simple solution!

So, you see where I’m going with this.

If you want better wedding pictures relax with a “wedding massage,” and get your loving “other half” a massage too.

FAQs – Tamarindo Couples Wedding Massages

  1. Can Massages by Elizabeth accommodate our wedding group?

    The number of masseuses can increase to accommodate any size group. We'll gladly work with the time schedule of your wedding team.

  2. Where do you do couples wedding massages?

    We service the Tamarindo and surrounding areas, and can also travel further for the right wedding.


Wedding couples often spend a lot of money to celebrate their first day as an official couple. Because of the many benefits of getting “wedding massages,” they are highly recommended. It’s just common sense!

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