Type of Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massages

Lymphatic drainage massages are especially useful if you like to drink and party in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. If you’re stuck on abusing your body, pre-arrange a massage appointment or contact us now.

(In the local Spanish slang hang-overs are called “gomas” which translates into the word “glue”.)

Here is a personal story about lymphatic drainage massages from a woman who understands.

Lymphatic Drainage Massages Can Bring You Back to Life!

So sorry, you feel so bad! Hope it was worth it! To put you back together we have a specialize-type massage for those with suffering from hangovers.

After a night of abusing your body, a hangover can hamper your next day. You’ll feel bad because your body is suffering from a build-up of toxins that you’re over-worked liver can’t handle.

lymphatic drainage massage is a great way to speed up the elimination of these toxins and push blood to where it belongs, so you quickly feel better.

Please wait until you’ve slept it off before getting a massage from us. We don’t want you to waste your money, and we won’t do the massage.


  1. Can a massage shorten or ease my hangover?

    Yes, as long as your not high or drunk, contact us for a massage. We have a special type of massage to quickly eliminating toxins and get your blood flowing again.

  2. Will you give me a massage while I get high or drunk?

    No, we won't do a massage on anyone who can't give us accurate feedback, or behaves badly. Besides, people who are drunk or high are not in a position to enjoy a massage.

Be Smart! Book Ahead While You Can Still Think!

Imagine the self-satisfaction of having ordered a massage the day before you’re night of debauchery. Or, even couples massages.

Sorry, we don’t serve breakfast!

Note: We’re not promoting drinking or getting high, and in fact, wish you wouldn’t.

Type of Massage

Relaxing Massage

A relaxing massage cures so much! If you’re not sure which type of massage suits you get this one.

Besides, when the body and mind are relaxed it does its best repair job.

Just be sure you’re relaxed and let yourself go with the rhythmic flow of gentle motion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is the Relaxing Massage the Most Popular?

    The relaxing massage is the most popular because so many are overall just stressed and need to relax, gain more freedom of motion and get their blood moving.

  2. Will a Relaxing Massage Help My Injuries?

    It would surprise many to know the answer is yes. The body heals itself so much faster when it's relaxed and blood is flowing. Of course, you'll need your permission and if your injury is serious you should have the permission of your doctor. In any case, we can work around your injury, just tell us ahead what hurts.