Tamarindo Sunset Massages

If this doesn’t create a lasting memory, Nothing Will! Make sure you have a great view and room for a massage table, then book your tamarindo massage appointment for 5 pm.

Why Getting a Tamarindo Massage is a “Must” Activity?

Getting a Tamarindo massage from Massages by Elizabeth makes any activity more enjoyable. And, any day a good day! Customer Reviews Tell the Story Our customers often leave rave reviews on social media saying Massages by Elizabeth delivers the best Tamarindo massage. Search on Google, Google Maps, Facebook, etc for actual customer reviews to see…

Tamarindo Massages at Home are Super Convenient!

Tamarindo massages at home by Massages by Elizabeth are super convenient because her masseuses go to where you are in the Tamarindo area. First, contact us for an appointment, then clear some space for a massage table. We’ll be there with everything necessary! During business hours, we’ll come to your vacation rental, hotel room, and…