Type of Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massages

Lymphatic drainage massages are especially useful if you like to drink and party in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. If you’re stuck on abusing your body, pre-arrange a massage appointment or contact us now.

(In the local Spanish slang hang-overs are called “gomas” which translates into the word “glue”.)

Here is a personal story about lymphatic drainage massages from a woman who understands.

Lymphatic Drainage Massages Can Bring You Back to Life!

So sorry, you feel so bad! Hope it was worth it! To put you back together we have a specialize-type massage for those with suffering from hangovers.

After a night of abusing your body, a hangover can hamper your next day. You’ll feel bad because your body is suffering from a build-up of toxins that you’re over-worked liver can’t handle.

lymphatic drainage massage is a great way to speed up the elimination of these toxins and push blood to where it belongs, so you quickly feel better.

Please wait until you’ve slept it off before getting a massage from us. We don’t want you to waste your money, and we won’t do the massage.


  1. Can a massage shorten or ease my hangover?

    Yes, as long as your not high or drunk, contact us for a massage. We have a special type of massage to quickly eliminating toxins and get your blood flowing again.

  2. Will you give me a massage while I get high or drunk?

    No, we won't do a massage on anyone who can't give us accurate feedback, or behaves badly. Besides, people who are drunk or high are not in a position to enjoy a massage.

Be Smart! Book Ahead While You Can Still Think!

Imagine the self-satisfaction of having ordered a massage the day before you’re night of debauchery. Or, even couples massages.

Sorry, we don’t serve breakfast!

Note: We’re not promoting drinking or getting high, and in fact, wish you wouldn’t.

Tamarindo Massage

Getting a Tamarindo Massage is a Must Activity!

Getting a Tamarindo massage is a “must” activity, especially for those wanting to emotionally blend into the laid-back Tamarindo spirit. Not getting one on arrival is just a plain mistake!

For those who have never had a massage, getting one here should also be on your “bucket list.” And for the lucky experienced ones or those wanting their first massage, there are no better massage therapists than those at Massages by Elizabeth.

Customer Reviews Tell the Story

Our customers famously leave reviews on social media networks saying Massages by Elizabeth delivers the best Tamarindo massage. And, if you did a Google Search you probably noticed.

Where is Tamarindo?

Tamarindo is located on the northwest coast of Costa Rica in the hot, dry province of Guanacaste. It is typically is accessed by a large international airport in Liberia just one hour away.

Langosta, Hacienda Pinilla, Playa Grande, Playa Flamingo, Potrero, etc.

Besides Tamarindo, Costa Rica, Massages by Elizabeth can go where you are if in Langosta, Hacienda Pinilla, Playa Grande, Playa Flamingo, Potreo, etc.

So, no matter if you’re staying in a hotel, vacation rental or homes, or condo, Massages by Elizabeth can response to where you are in the nearby Tamarindo area.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we get a couple's massage to save time? We don't want one waiting for the other.

    Yes, we can arrange a couple's massage. Normally, we'll send two masseuses for simultaneous massages. If you're pressed for time getting massages at the same time is a good answer.

  2. Where can I get a massage near me?

    You can get a massage right where you are if nearby Tamarindo, Guanacaste Costa Rica.

  3. Can I get a massage on the beach with Massage by Elizabeth?

    No, we do not offer this service. Too many people and distractions to relax for a great massage.

  4. Can I get a facial massage during your home massage services?

    Yes, you can get a facial massage during your home massage services, consider bundling with a body massage service. Contact us for more info.

  5. Do you have any Tamarindo massage jobs available at Massages by Elizabeth?

    We do have openings from time to time. Send your resume with license name and number to

  6. Do you have a Youtube channel showing your Tamarindo massage services?

    At the moment we don't have a Youtube channel showing our Tamarindo massage service. Coming soon!

My Personal Experiment With Consecutive Daily Tamarindo Massages

I prefer to think I was curious or even scientific when I started by bulk, consecutive massage experiment. You see, I wanted to see how many consecutive days of massages it took to reach paradise.

For sure, I knew that I would feel more relaxed and have fewer muscle aches than a single massage, but what would happen if I had a Tamarindo massage by Elizabeth every day?

I got this idea by watching a Youtube video about the owner of a pizza parlor eating his own pizza every meal for a month to see how he felt and if he’d lose weight.

So, any way to be exact after four days of consecutive one-hour massages with Elizabeth, there wasn’t a single place on my body that hurt! And, my lack of pain transformed my mind to another higher level.

My mind transformation lasted a full week but was sabotaged by my sitting in front of a laptop while sitting in my recliner every day for 6 hours.

I bring up my personal experiment with Tamarindo massages to show that there are real benefits of massages that can even touch the soul.

Not for everyone, but give it a try if you’ve got the time and money! Tamarindo may be the only place and time where you actually try it.

What Are the Health Benefits of Having a Massage?

The health benefits of having a massage are many, and while you know about the relaxing part, here is a more detailed listing and discussion.

Benefits of Massages

Health Benefits of a Tamarindo Massage

Sure, our Tamarindo Massage helps you relax — but our massage therapy can do much more than that! Let’s get deeper into the resulting health benefits.

During and after your massage, you’ll enter a zone that has become a major attraction of Costa Rica which is called “Pura Vida.” This widely quoted state of mind talks of the value of a living a calm, pure life,

Tell Me More About Tamarindo?

Tamarindo, Costa Rica is on the northwest coast of Costa Rica. It’s a much-beloved small town of visitors and surfers. Especially lately, there has been an influx of people from around the world who have visited and now want to live here.

Count me as one of them! For, I have lived here for more than 20 years!

The Importance of Relaxation to a Tamarindo Experience

Healthy and pain-free living is everyone’s dream. Massages can be a major contributor and the list of reasons is long. For the fortunate, regularly scheduled massages are a gift to be appreciated, while others get a massage whenever they can.

No matter how often, each massage makes your life better! So, for those not on regular massage scheduled, each individual one furthers your welfare.

What Are Typical Reasons for a Tamarindo Massage?

The typical reasons for a Tamarindo massage are mind and body preparation for entering a more relaxed state and recovery from injuries.


The need to relax is the primary reason for a Tamarindo massage. Getting to that state of relaxation sets up many spiritual and physical benefits related to being in the Tamarindo area.

Whenever you do get one, you’re privileged to have a point in time of your life where you can truly relax and think about yourself. Even better, I can’t help but think the effects of our Tamarindo massages are cumulative and is another muscle memory that will guide your body and mind when it needs to recover.


While you’re here I hope you can take advantage of our outdoor sports, pain-free. I’m splitting hairs somewhat here because of the need for an injury to relax to order to heal. In any case, whether you get a relaxing massage versus a sports massage, both will help you heal.

For example, a surfer may get injured while surfing the beaches of Tamarindo, while a pensioner may benefit by reducing their blood pressure. Besides, in the end, who doesn’t like a massage!

  1. Am I Too Old to Get a Massage?

    If you're not too old to feel relaxed or have better blood flow, you're not too old for a massage. Of course, if your doctor says otherwise listen to him/her.

  2. Is a Massage Good for My Injury?

    You or your doctor will know. Without your consent, we will work around it. In any case, you'll heal faster when you feel good.

  3. What is the typical reason for a Tamarindo Massage?

    The number one reason for a massage is general relaxation. Don't underestimate it because every minute your up and around in a relaxed state helps your general welfare.

List of Beneficial Reasons for Getting a Tamarindo Massage:

  1. Reduce Mind and Body Stress: Not hard to imagine that just relaxing and getting pampered with a massage reduces mind and body stress.
  2. Improve Blood Circulation: Loosening muscles stimulates increased blood flow throughout the body and results in a number of positive effects within your body.
  3. Relieve Back Pain from Hunching Over Computers or Smartphones: Many people these days spend too much time hunched over their computers and smartphones and so develop back and neck pain. Our relaxing massages can greatly help alleviate them.
  4. Eliminate Body Toxins: The result of the stimulation of muscles through massage helps you release toxins that slow you down or make you feel ill.
  5. Improve Flexibility: Almost everyone these days needs to be more flexible, especially those who sit too long. If you get up slowly in the morning with your back aching, a relaxing massage with special emphasis on your back is what to order.
  6. More Restful Sleep: After a massage, you’ll sleep extremely well! Sleep experts tell us that most of us are “sleep-deprived”, so a massage can temporarily help for a few days.
  7. Strengthens Your Immunity System: Because you’ll sleep longer and deeper, your immune system will be strengthened so you can better fight off viruses.
  8. Reduce Fatigue: If you wake up and you’re too tired to do anything but sit in a recliner and drink coffee, for sure you’d benefit from a massage. However, it’s also a sign you need to get in better shape! Of course, talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program.
  9. Reduce Anxiety and Depression: Massages will help you feel better. The more often the better!
  10. Reduce Post Surgery or Injury Pain: Massage can help here too. If you’ve had an operation or have an injury, a relaxing massage can take your mind off the pain and stimulate healing.

Getting Exotic Massages and Intrigue to Tamarindo Massages

The art of the massage has been around for thousands of years, and different forms have evolved.

Hot Stone Massages

Lining up and placing warm, rounded stones up and down your spine is a popular addition to our massage menu. Some customers say they dramatically help increase blood flow and offer superior relief for back pain.

Placing Hot Stones supplements Tamarindo “Massages by Elizabeth” and masseuse’s movement of stones spread the warmth.

Let’s talk if you think you’re interested in Tamarindo “Hot Stone Massages.” – Massages by Elizabeth

Who Should Get a Massage?

The demographics of Tamarindo and the surrounding areas constantly change a mixture of visitors, residents, and locals who get massages.

Read on to help you discover if you fit into a Tamarindo massage group that often needs and benefits from them:

  • For visitors or tourists who need to get away from “normal” and just relax, one or more massages can completely change the complexion of a vacation. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how you can recapture the true personality that you thought was lost.
  • For part-timers and pensioners getting Tamarindo, massages are bonuses. Massages are decently priced and the expertise and service level is high. If you’re one of them, don’t let your lack of familiarity with getting a massage hold you back!
  • For successful and hard-working people with the means to get a massage(s). Some of the most successful people take care of themselves by limiting stress or tension. They consider pampering an investment in job efficiency or just one of life’s perk they’ve earned.
  • For those celebrating a wedding, corporate event, or family reunion en mass massages totally improve the interpersonal climate. They let each attendee or guest leave their cares behind, even if only for a day or even a week. Someone who was once unapproachable may become more friendly. Anyways, everyone together spent a lot of money to get to Tamarindo, a few extra bucks for massages is always a good investment.

Beyond Tamarindo: Playa Grande, Hacienda Pinilla, Langosta, Flamingo, and Potrero

If you’re located a little outside the Tamarindo area, the same Massages by Elizabeth are available in Langosta, Playa Grande, Hacienda Pinilla, Flamingo, and Potrero. Quite frankly, often our masseuses enjoy leaving Tamarindo from time to time, so please don’t hesitate to contact us (there will be a slight travel charge).

Choosing a Tamarindo Massage Location: Don´t Overlook the Outdoors.

Tamarindo is blessed with beautiful weather and a legacy of outdoor orientated people. While we don’t do massages on public beaches, don’t overlook your own patios or backyards as locations for home massages.

When You Know Ahead of Time You’re Going to Need a Massage

By the time you get to your hotel or finish a surfing session, you already know a massage would feel wonderful! So schedule yourself a time buffer afterward and set up your message ahead of time.

Such are the rewards of planning ahead when you arrive tired and thank yourself for planning ahead.

  • Use a massage as a birthday present before going out to dinner.
  • If you’re returning from a surf session, I don’t think any surfer ever has returned home and gotten a Massage by Elizabeth who didn’t sleep like a baby!
  • Think of the relationship or emotional benefits of telling your spouse or significant other that you’ve already taken care of the massage details!

That’s the benefit of an “At Home” massage service like Massages by Elizabeth.


Wedding Massages

Relaxing wedding massages for the lucky couple and/or their wedding party may be the single best way to enjoy relaxed vibes at a wedding. So, incorporate them into a wedding event, and enjoy the remarkable difference.

Our experience and capability of stationing a single or multiple masseuses ensure that everyone who wants a massage gets one. Brides or wedding planners won’t find a more capable partner for the big event!

  1. Can You Scale to Accommodate Our Wedding Group?

    Yes, the number of masseuses can expand to accommodate any number.

  2. Can you work within our tight wedding schedule?

    Yes, just say when, how many, and where! We'll make sure everyone gets what they want.


Tamarindo Home Massages Are the Rage!

Tamarindo home massages are the rage, our customers just love not needing to travel to a spa! No matter where you are in and around Tamarindo we’ll come to you.

So now no matter where you are we’ll come to where you are, like Vacation rentals, hotel rooms, and even business locations.

And, you don’t need to worry about a thing because we’ll bring everything. Just clear a space for our massage table and get ready for relaxation.